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「 Amimoto へ移行してレスポンスが劇的に向上しました。」




WooCommerce powered by JINKEI (Simple Stack HVM)


Amimoto を選んだ理由は?

Amimoto を選んだ理由は、 WordPress と WooCommerce 向けの AWS CloudFormation パッケージを提供している唯一の会社だからです。提供されているパッケージは高品質であり、他のカスタマーからも高い評価を得ています。セットアップに関しては、非常に簡単にインストールでき、あっという間に環境を構築できました。ベンチマークをしてみたところ、サーバのレスポンスの指標となる Time To First Byte は、 Amimoto ではたった4秒でした。 WP Engine を使っていた頃は19秒もかかっていました。 また、セキュリティや CloudFormation のファイアウォールの設定について、 Amimoto は手厚いサポートをしてくれました。


Amimoto HVM AMI one of the best server configuration for WordPress and install in few clicks. The customer support is excellent. Special thanks to Daniel. He was very responsible and easy to chat. Highly recommended.

DigitalCube AWS Marketplace

Great performance (and support too)

I contact the people from Amimoto, and after the formal stuff they migrated my site withing 24 hours (wow)
I can recommend ANIMOTO, the performance of their wp stack + managed support will not disappoint you!

WordPress powered by Amimoto (HHVM)

Brilliant Stable & Maintained

I’ve been using this stack for 6 months now. Initially there was a little learning curve with the setup but now I’m flying on the command line and my website are fast! Yes you pay for software, but it’s worth it and you can get more performance out of a lower spec.

WordPress powered by Amimoto (PVM)

Easy to start up WordPress.

I guess this is the best way to start up WordPress without any additional effort.
It took only 30 minutes to start up WordPress. Very easy.

DigitalCube AWS Marketplace

Awesome. Finely tuned just for WordPress.

I think this ami is the fastest and cheapest one to run wordpress in ones I’ve ever tried.
so easy to use, just fast, snappy. I recommend it to all wp users.

DigitalCube AWS Marketplace


I’m not infrastructure engineer, but I can get fast WordPress and server in a few clicks.
I was released from the pain of server procurement!

WordPress powered by Amimoto (PVM)

Very powerful template

This template is very useful because the beginner can create his or her own blog easily. WordPress is not only for blog but also the site.

WordPress powered by Amimoto (PVM)

It’s awesome!

I was worried about the performance issue and the plugins compatibility with each other. (WPML + Nginx Cache Controller) But there was no problem at all.
They all worked perfectly fine and it’s fast.

WordPress powered by Amimoto (HHVM)